The Risus RK-4500H double head automatic saw is designed for 45 to 90 ° cutting of PVC profiles. The machine is controlled by a touch screen computer with Windows operating system.


Automatic double head cutter designed for cutting PVC profiles from 45 to 90 °. The left head is fixed while the right head is mobile. The moving head moves on a rail system placed on a monobloc frame and the high accuracy is millimeter because of the measurement system of the magnetic rule.

The saw output is made with a pneumatic piston. The diameter of the saw is 450 mm. Min as standard. 440 mm in length, max. 4000 mm in length and with the method of changing profile max. The length of the profile can be cut in length of 7500 mm.

The machine is controlled by a touch screen PC with Windows operating system. It is compatible with all windows production and optimization programs. The ability to easily transfer an unlimited number of optimized measurements to the machine (with flash memory, cable, CD, Ethernet, mail, etc.). Thanks to Pc control technology, remote service is provided. Thanks to the special software of our company, warning and error messages are displayed on the control screen and the error in the system can be easily solved by the operator.

1400 Kg
400 V
4.5 Kw
50-60 Hz
Air pressure
6-8 Bar
Saw dimensions
450 mm
Cutting dimensions
min. 440 mm - max. 6000 mm
Dimensions (length x width x height)
5200mm + 2500mm x 1250mm x 1650mm
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